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Our principles

Welcome, and thank you for visiting us!

Protomni Multimedia is a Brazilian indie game development group that creates high-quality titles around the following principles:

- games are supposed to be fun and artistic;

- hardware compatibility should be as inclusive as possible;

- affordable retail prices, as gaming should not interfere with anyone’s monthly budget;

- elevator music belongs in elevators;

- games should provide humane, empowering, and ethical experiences.

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A brief presentation of the team

Hi there! Protomni Multimedia started as a one-man indie game development “company”. I am that one guy and my name is Pedro Mendes — nice to meet you!

Fortunately, my path is not as lonely as it may sound: as my beloved wife Camila Alvim and my brother-in-law Pedro Paradella became more and more active contributors, they eventually joined for good and this became a family business of sorts.

My relationship with computers and video games has always been one of love, to a point in which I find it difficult to determine if I’d rather be a musician or a developer if I had to choose a single path for my creative efforts. Either way, there is still something about green phosphor that I find very appealing, perhaps partially because of all the great and even overestimated potential my 6-year-old self used to see between those shiny numbered BASIC lines — spaceships, robots, simulations, AIs, everything seemed possible and on the verge of becoming — and that is the kind of retro atmosphere and awe I want Protomni Multimedia and its games to convey.

Today, a grown man, I look ahead once more and I see the wondrous prospects of what might be achieved with the help of my team/family and with your support, dear gamer. Let us try and push forward, then!

This endeavor of ours is built upon a lot of hard work, dedication, and the hope that you will enjoy the experiences we craft. And we are honored to have you along for the ride.